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Save the Planet

About Boltly

You don't realise it, but the last mile of delivery is the most expensive part of the route because it represents 50% of all transportation costs. CYCLE is tasked with accomplishing just that purpose. We supply a complete e-mobility solution for businesses and individual couriers. Who or what is pursuing what? to attain efficient and dependable last-mile distribution.

Our Principles


Four fundamental principles guide our everyday work and inform all of our choices.They serve as the cornerstones of our vision to reduce carbon emissions from city transportation and raise both the standard of living for present and future generations.

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We imagine a day when cities are free of the exhaust-belching traffic jams and highly polluting automobiles. Because of this, we are developing regional, zero-emission, and circular transportation options that will benefit both us and our business partners.

1-To ensure extended lifecycles, every one of our bicycles is serviced and repaired.
2-We appropriately dispose of or recycle bikes once they are no longer useable, promoting a circular economy.




Our key priorities are customer satisfaction, premium product quality, and rider safety.

1-Each and every one of our bikes is sturdy, powerful, and comfortable to ride.
2-Your pleasure is our primary focus, whether you're a small business or a huge one.



At Boltly, we consider more than just our clients and the environment. By fostering a courteous and encouraging work environment, we are dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of our staff.

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We enjoy innovating, adapting, and pursuing audacious goals. We provide our employees the freedom to take risks, make errors and learn from them, and develop new prospects for both themselves and the company.

Product Designer

We're looking for early believers, missionaries & running mates

Business Analyst
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