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Start a Revolution with us


Who are we?

Boltly electric is creating a tech enabled ev ecosystem to facilitate last mile deliveries and urban mobility by adding people in the gig workforce.


What do we do?


We bring Rural youth to urban cities and also add women workforce to bridge the gap between demand and supply in gig economy.



Tech platform

A dedicated App

to track vehicles location and speed.

Time -Efficiency

Easy approach for choosing between working days and hours for either part-time or full-time employment.



The business can contribute to India's Sustainability goals by delivering with net zero emmisions.

Our Product


A low-speed vehicle that provides users with safety, our product doesn't require a licence due to its low speed. and can travel 120 km on one charge of the battery.


IoT-enabled vehicles connected to specialised applications for providing relevant statistics like battery percentage, range, CO2 emissions saved, geofencing, GPS navigation, vehicle performance, driver behaviour, and Sos feature for female drivers


Both the front and rear suspension are present for comfort while driving on Indian roads, ensuring that the vehicle is all-weather


Our Partners

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Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Lavinesh Dayalani

Lavinesh comes with 7 years of Business Experience running several ventures.He is an Environmental Warrior and aims to support India's Carbon neutral goals with Boltly. When not working you can see him doing open mics and going on treks.

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Ankush Kumar
Web Developer

Ankush Kumar is a full-stack web developer who served as an intern at the Paradox Foundation where he worked as a react developer. He is currently employed by us as a full stack web developer while also pursuing a BCA at Glocal University.

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Krisha Patel
Web Developer

Krisha is a Btech in Computer Science student in her third year at Pandit Deendayal Energy University. She is an intern in Boltly Electrics' web development department. She is interested in data science, machine learning, and web development. She is passionate

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Sanskar Chaudhary
Web Developer

Sanskar is a Btech  student in his third year at Mahraja Surajmal Institute of Technology. He is an intern in Boltly Electrics' web development department. He is interested in building new products and a bringing change in world.

Sampad  Laha
HR Manager

Sampad holds a B.Tech in engineering and is pursuing an MBA in human resources. He has extensive expertise working in a variety of industries, including company development, human resource management, and data analytics.

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Rishabh Rajput
Android Developer

Rishabh Rajput is majoring in artificial intelligence and machine learning as part of his BTech in computer science at Sharda University. He is enthusiastic about combining AI with IoT sensors. He is curious about new technologies.
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Saroj Nayak
Android developer

Saroj is a full stack android developer . Pursuing His internship as an android dev. In boltly electric . Also worked as an Android Intern for Hemkund petro chem. Recently graduated from Holkar science college (INDORE ), And He is  interested in Cybersecurity and AI.

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